Running a commercial kitchen is demanding and time consuming. Keeping your kitchen free from the hazards of grease is one thing we can take off your plate. Required by NFPA regulation, “hood cleaning” involves the complete cleaning of your kitchen exhaust system from top to bottom. We keep your kitchen hoods grease free with regularly scheduled cleanings.

Our certified technicians service thousands of kitchens and operate differently from other hood cleaners as we don’t use subcontractors. Our technicians are trained, licensed and fully insured. We can supply before and after pictures to assure you we are providing the highest quality work possible. This is just another way we at A-Plus Fire and Hoods have set ourselves apart from the competition.

The benefits of kitchen exhaust hood cleaning and maintenance for restaurants and cafeterias include:

  • Reduced risk of kitchen fires
  • Compliance with fire and health codes requiring kitchen-exhaust cleaning
  • Improved ventilation for smoke and odor removal
  • Enhanced working environment for kitchen staff
  • Lower insurance premiums offered by some insurance companies
  • Incorporated as standard part of overall maintenance plan

All hood cleaning performed by A Plus is to the latest edition of NFPA 96.

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) is the governing body providing the minimum codes of standards for the kitchen exhaust cleaning industry via the NFPA 96: Standard for Ventilation Control and Fire Protection of Commercial Cooking Operations. NFPA 96 reflects industry best practices that maximize protection of operators, building occupants, and property for reducing fire risks in public and private commercial kitchens.

The 2011 NFPA 96 is the current code providing clarification on requirements for certifying technicians to ensure that qualified providers maintain equipment. Today, more than ever, exhaust hood cleaners require quality methods for maintaining grease-free exhaust systems to keep facilities protected from grease fires.

Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning Frequency Requirements:

Monthly: Systems serving solid fuel cooking operations

Quarterly: Systems serving high-volume operations such as 24 hour cooking, charbroiling or wok cooking

Semi – Annually: Systems serving moderate-volume cooking operations

Annually: Systems serving low-volume cooking operations, such as churches, day camps, seasonal businesses

Other exhaust hood products and services include:

Hinge Kits
NFPA 96 requires that all fans be on hinges. Hinges allow our crews to lift the fan and clean your ductwork without damaging the fan’s electrical wiring and without damaging the fan by placing it on the roof. We can put hinge kits on any size fan.

Access Panels
Access panels are necessary to clean the blades on certain fans and to expose the ductwork in many systems. Without access panels, many systems cannot be cleaned to NFPA 96 requirements. We can install all necessary access panels.

Roof Protection Systems / Grease Containment Systems
Exhaust fans blow excess grease on to the roof. Grease destroys the roof membrane and can void your warranty. We install and maintain a variety of grease containment systems to keep your roof grease free.